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Dalia Badran

Owner and CEO of the business . She is the inventor of the products formulas & a staunch devotee for establishing a true recognition for alternative medicine within the health care system in Kuwait. She holds a master's degree in public Health from the University of liverpool.

Bader Musaed Al-Sayer

Husband and partner. He is a Master's degree holder of Chemical Engineering and the biggest supporter of avoiding chemicals entering the human body. He spiritually supported the project and supervised its birth and steady growth.

Dr. Naser Al-Ajeel

Head of the Public Authority for Industry, who visited our small factory and was really impressed by the idea behind it. As a strong advocate of developing a local industry in Kuwait parallel to those in the developed countries, he gave his blessings to our new classification of a novel industry to begin in Kuwait. One that revives the traditional use of herbs and oils for the wellness of people.

Ali Al-Baghli

Under Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce.
The first official in the government crew who facilitated the birth of this business. He made sure that we face no obstacles during the creation of this new business in Kuwait.
A heart felt appreciation for this practical & sensible official.

Dr. Issa Al-Khalifa

Asst. Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health.
From his position, he spared no effort to overcome beaurocratic obstacles which could have aborted our new business. Without him no cosmeceutical products would have seen the light in kuwait.

Haj Saleh


Haj Saleh Moghniyya

The supervisor at the stainless steel workshop in the Mabrook Company who was deeply touched by the humanitarian approach of the business. Hence, decided to be personally involved with the execution and maintenance of all blue prints of the factory machines. He also facilitated, to a great deal, our methods of payment which made all the difference to the economies of the business.
Our sincere gratitude for his genuine contribution.


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